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Welcome to the homepage of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Information System.  This page contains highway traffic information for Provincial Trunk Highways and Provincial Roads in Manitoba, including traffic data from 2017.

MHTIS Webmap

The best and most comprehensive source for Manitoba traffic data is the webmap, accessible by clicking on the Webmap button on the left.  In it, you can access the following:

  • Permanent Station Reports for PCS, WIM and AVC

  • AADT by highway segment

  • Historic Flow Maps

  • Titan Turning Movement Reports

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation provides no warranties as to the validity or accuracy of the information presented herein.


Annual Traffic Report

The MHTIS Annual Traffic Report is a summary of all of the traffic data from the previous year.  The full report is available for download in PDF format by clicking on the icon below:

 2013 Traffic  Report  2012 Traffic  Report  2011 Traffic Report 2010 Traffic   Report  2009 Traffic   Report   2008 Traffic   Report


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2018 Traffic  Report 2017 Traffic  Report 2016 Traffic  Report 2015 Traffic  Report 2014 Traffic  Report

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A printed copy of the report can be purchased from MHTIS. Please contact us if you wish to do so.
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